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How to Request a Non-Confidential Extended Records Search

A Non-Confidential Extended Records Search (also called by some a 'CHRIS Report') will provide you with a detailed narrative letter in which we summarize our findings and provide next-step recommendations for cultural resources, related to your legal context. Please submit your request via mail or email. In order for us to process your request, the following items must be provided in the request:

  1. Who is asking/requiring you to conduct this records search (e.g., is the County or City asking you to come to our office, is your project subject to a federal permit, is a portion of your project using federal funds or grants?)
  2. The legal location information, e.g., street address, Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), etc.
  3. A map showing the boundaries of your project. All components of the project should have their boundaries clearly indicated on either (1) a copy of USGS 7.5’ topographic quadrangle (2) a copy of aerial (satellite) imagery, or (3) gis data files in .shp, .kml, or.kmz format.
  4. A narrative description of your project. Please include information on any proposed or former ground disturbance and any current or former buildings. This information is vital in our ability to provide project-specific recommendations.
  5. Authorization for the NWIC to conduct research for up to 4 hours at either the NWIC regular rate ($150.00/hour) or NWIC rapid response rate (regular rate, plus 50% surcharge). The turnaround time for regular response is typically 15-20 business days and rapid response is typically about 5 business days. Please contact NWIC at time of submittal for current response timeframes.
  6. Any special billing instructions, e.g., purchase order number, etc.

A Non-Confidential Summary Records Search will provide you with a checklist letter in which known resources and the potential for additional resources are provided as well as next-step recommendations for cultural resources. Results are briefly described in check-box choices.

  • Must be conducted under an MOA.

Delivery Time:

  • Regular Response Delivery time is typically 15-20 business days. Contact the NWIC for an approximate timeframe.
  • Rapid Response Delivery time is typically about 5 business days from date of receipt. This timeframe may vary depending upon the size of your requested search area or the number of Rapid Response requests received prior to your submittal.

Applicable Fees:

See CHRIS fees for information maintained in paper format